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Technical Resources

Labfacility Technical Resources

These Technical Resource guides are a comprehensive reference text for users of thermocouples, PRTs and thermistors and associated instrumentation.

Detailed enough for engineers and scientists, it is also suitable for technicians and students. Written with practical bias, the guides contain considerable reference data and basic theory and is therefore of great value as a training aid for those entering the field of temperature measurement and control.

The broad scope of the guides includes detailed temperature sensor guidance, sensor theory and practice and comprehensive applications guidance. The guides describe temperature control, transmitters, instrumentation and data acquisition and a reference section carries that has a wealth of data on thermocouple and platinum resistance thermometry.

The emphasis is on practical aspects, but the basic theory and applications aspects will be of particular interest to students and apprentices.

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Resistance Thermometer (RTD) Theory and Practice Thermocouple Theory and Practice Sheath Materials, Thermowells, Fittings And Terminations
Temperature Calibration Transmitters and Instrumentation Temperature Control
Reference Data on Thermocouple & Platinum Resistance Thermometry 

Thermocouple and Pt100 Characteristics Tables

Grades of Protection (IP ratings) 

Tables and Calculators


Glossary of Terms

Frequently Asked Questions

Platinum Resistance Thermometry Information -      Quick Guide

Thermocouple Information - Quick Guide

Thermocouple Connectors & Cable

Thermocouples FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions 

Thermistors FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions 

RTD Sensors FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions 

 Introduction to Temperature Measurement with Thermistors

Technical Articles

 Colour Charts


Information provided in this publication is intended as general guidance and not necessarily deemed definitive. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information presented but the reader should refer to manufacturer/supplier data and relevant published standards when procuring or using any sensors, materials, or equipment. Specifications and data included in these guides may be subject to change.